1. Won’t damage buildings or hurt people
  2. Is able to withstand a youth swing
  3. Is throwable
  4. Will not travel too far

Wiffle Balls as a Warm-up Tool

Wiffle balls are a good warm-up tool because coaches and players can throw them at a variety speeds without worrying about hurting the hitter. Wiffles also don’t travel very far, which helps when playing tournaments that have limited warm-up space. But unlike plyos, wiffle balls don’t give the hitter accurate or viable feedback on bat to ball collision.

At first this ball appears to be squared up based on the velocity and trajectory.
The hitter is a little bit early and hits the ball on the end of the bat.
This is actually a routine ground ball.

Other Plyos on the Market

There are plenty of hitting plyos on the market right now that produce some type of bat to ball collision feedback for hitters. I have seen a bunch of teams hit plyos pre-game. The most common ones I have seen are TCB plyos and some Amazon ones that are red.

Heavier hitting plyos have low ball flight, not true to contact, and barely makes it past the L-screen that is about 25 feet away.
The plyo ball actually dictates and manipulates bat path at contact.

Driveline Mini Hitting Plyos

In the Driveline Academy we use mini hitting plyos pre-game and at practice. Not only do these check the four boxes above, but they also go far and beyond other hitting implements for preparing youth hitters.

Bad Contact:

Good Contact:

Flush contact with no pancaking

Comparing flush contact

Other Pyo
Mini Plyo


Youth hitters are going to mishit more pitches than they square up before a game. There are plenty of hitting implements for youth players to use, but as coaches we want to make sure we can prepare them for the game as best as we can by giving them good, honest feedback of what their swing is doing and where the ball is going off their bat.

Comparing mishits

Other Plyo
Mini Hitting Plyo



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