The Hitting Intern Blog: Driveline Week Four

“Siri, Find Surya”

This week I wanted to highlight a very interesting event that took place at Driveline involving one of the trainees, Surya Viswanathan.

Three on Two Break Away

As Monday rolled around for the start of week four, I was anticipating a text from Tanner to let me know that I would be doing an assessment. No text.


Before I got here, I used to assess all the baseball players on my teams.


As I continue to think about this process, I think this is a perfect opportunity to teach GAs and student assistants in college programs how they can effectively produce high quality coaches.


Here are a couple of questions I want to leave you with: Are you confident enough in yourself to teach a student assistant how to take ownership of hitting?



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Chase Glaum

Chase Glaum

|MS,CES,PES| Driveline Academy Coordinator. Former College Coach. Strengths: [Developer, Learner, Relator, Futuristic, Maximizer] Col. 3:23